Patch PES 6 Infinity Update October 2017 / 2018 - Hello buddy, this time 1 want to share PES 6 Infinity Patch PC Update October 2017 / 2018. lets see and read carefully the additional description below and explanations that will cover the next version. thanks.

PES 6 Infinity Patch PC Update October 2017 / 2018


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Option File updated, with best in numbers and alignments, the equipment updated practically to 100%.
The stadiums of the 212 teams, real and updated stadiums in terms of turf and textures.
Real faces and hairstyles.
Lic Licensed and updated kits for the 212 game sites.
Upgraded Balls, including all competitions and patch leagues.
Selector with more than 40 MARKERS to toggle, with just one click!.
New updated charts.
Champions League Mod! being able to alternate between Conmebol Libertadores 2017 and Champions League.
Boots mapped and assigned to real players! (not all, but there are many and the booties are current, there are no old).
Selector of markers and screens of loads, besides teamnames and anthems before the parties start.
EXCLUSIVE accounts of Rodolfo Di Paoli and Ariel Senosiain, with callnames included of the Argentine soccer.
Stadium of Defense and Justice and Leicester City, exclusive of our patch.
Anthem for all Argentine soccer teams and most important teams.
Real trophies for all competitions.
Real rags and banners for ALL teams.
New skin texture for players and referees.
Real Referees.
Corrected physicists (many are still missing but we are getting better).
Real Stats for all teams.
2017 Balls imported into the 0_text, replacing the default balls of PES6!.
Stadiums imported into 0_text, replacing the default stages of PES6!.


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