How to Play PC PES Game Using the PS3 Stick (Dualshock3)

Perhaps many of the gamers are wondering how to play games on your Laptop / PC using the gamepad or commonly we call the PS3 / Dualshock3 stick.

Actually the question also comes to my mind when trying to use DS3 to play PES 2017 game on laptops. But not only to play PES2017 games, on average all PC games we can play using this DS3.

Examples of games that I've tried are, Assassin's Creed Rogue, Watchdogs, Max Payne 3, Far Cry 3, FIFA 16, GTA V, and many more. Because after we successfully install DS3 driver on our Laptop / PC, DS3 will be read as Xbox Controller. Where we have known together that Xbox is a platform made by Microsoft itself.

So you do not have to bother anymore to set DS3 before playing the game, because it will be automatically configured. The term is cool, plug n play. Oh yes, I'm using Windows x10 Pro x64.

I will share the easiest tutorial, instead of using Motionjoy which I think is too complicated. To be able to play PC games using DS3 we must prepare the materials first. Check this out!

Materials to prepare
1. Stick PS3 (Sixaxis / Dualshock3)
2. USB 2.0 Cable (DS3 Charger Cable)
3. Bluetooth dongle v2.0 + edr up (optional)
4. SCP drivers | download

How to Install
1. After SCP drivers successfully downloaded, just extract by right click select extract here

2. The extract result is a folder named "Scarlet.Crush Productions". right click, then select cut and paste to drive C: \ Program Files \ here

3. Until this stage you can connect your DS3 to Laptop / PC. And also plug in Bluetooth dongle to PC / Laptop. Then open the folder that was extracted then select ScpServer \ bin \ ScpDriver and click 2x.

4. Once all is installed (DS3 and bluetooth dongle) directly click the install tab and wait until finished. And DS3 will 1 red light color indicating that it has been read as Xbox Controller. If you do not believe please check it yourself in Device Manager and there will be Xbox 360 Peripherals at the bottom.

5. If you want to play wirelessly (without cable) you just stay off DS3 from the cable and will automatically connect with the Bluetooth dongle.

This tutorial is used to play PC games using PS3 Stick. Hopefully what I share is helpful to you all. Happy gaming .. :)
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